We are apple and cider artisans. We make our ciders using traditional methods and look after our apple trees just like our ancestors did before us. Every year we offer an opportunity to young artists who, like us, feel a calling towards the art of the apple. Discover our projects and become the next character in our story.

Gipuzkoako Diputazioa


This short film by Aitor Zarzuelo seeks to reflect the place of the apple within Nordic mythology. In Nordic mythology, the gods are immortal and remain eternally young thanks to the Golden Apples of Idunn. Based on this myth, the piece explores the ideas of searching, change and personal sacrifice, also illustrating the clash between current civilisation and nature.

See to short film in: https://vimeo.com/319543786


Limited edition print (1/5). Based on traditional sketching and textures, it narrates the origin of the apple through the various myths found in Western mythologies. Enjoy the all collection here


A work which transmits family values. Everything in this carved apple tree begins in the roots which, together with the farmhouse, transform the fruit into our drink. The farmhouse brings cider to the outside world. The bottles symbolise modern cider and are the vessels for the message. The branches, with whales and txalupas (small boats), represent the routes traversed by our ancestors to bring cider to the world, paying special homage to the whalers, cider producers and the people of Newfoundland.

Sagardoaren Belaunaldiak

This improvisation in charcoal, carried out during the concert of the Basque group Kalakan, narrates the history of the Basque whalers from the point of view of those who stayed on land.

“How Deep is the Ocean”

Representation of a cider cask carried to Newfoundland and Labrador by the Basque whalers in the 16th century and later found on its coasts. This work consists of twin bronze sculptures seated on a river stone. The first is currently in Red Bay (Newfoundland) and the second in the Astarbe cider house (Astigarraga).